Event Production

  • 3-D Venue Modeling

  • Audio Visual Production

  • Catering Service

  • Projection Mapping

  • Props/Décor/Design

  • Real-Time Feedback

  • Talent/Entertainment

  • Timeline/Stage Management

Why Choose Us

Connie & Co events always keeps itself updated with the current trends in the industry. Our knowledgeable team will be able to assist you in planning the perfect event. We have established great relationships throughout the industry to work with us to provide you with the highest quality of service.

Connie & Co. events

Corporate Events

Enjoy the party to the fullest, and leave all your event management worries to us. Our team can create and stage-manage events of all sizes and theme. We are also good at entertaining guests. Some of the corporate events we help manage are as follows:

  • Academy Award Parties
  • Car Reveal
  • Company Celebration
  • Corporate Launch Party
  • Fashion Show
  • Film Preview
  • Premiere
  • Product Launch
  • Social Events
  • Themed Party

Nonprofit Fundraising Events

We understand that nonprofit events can be a special opportunity to not only raise funds but also highlight an organization’s mission. It is also a good way to provide donors with a one-of-a-kind experience and encourage them to support the cause. That is why when you allow us to manage your event, we will meticulously plan, design with stylistic flair, and make detailed logistical scheduling.

Our team will create a unique, multidimensional experience for the participants of the event—one that will live on past the immediate glamour and draw donations. We will professionally handle everything, from inception to completion, so that you will have a stress-free event planning. Contact us to get started.

Personal Celebrations

Whether you are planning the ultimate wedding, a personal milestone, birthday, or bar/bat mitzvah, turn to us. We will thoroughly assist you in organizing and styling your special day.

Our experienced team is passionate about unlocking your individual style and uses it in making your dream event come true. To ensure that everything will turn out the way you want it to, we will also utilize our expertise in design, color combination, as well as technical production and coordination. With our help, your guests will be enthralled by the beautiful décor, styling, and atmosphere of your event.

Private Events

Do you have some celebrity guests? Are you hosting an exclusive event? Work with us. Our team specializes in managing events that require a more secure and private setting. We will keep in mind the needs of your special guests, while we provide exceptional event management and creative design services.

Book Us for Your Next Event!

A Successful event starts with thorough planning. If you want to make any occasion more special, collaborate with us.


Our Process

After speaking with you, we will generate and develop ideas based on the information we've gathered. Our knowledgeable team will consider all of the modern, innovative solutions before we come up with a strategy that will make your event unforgettable. We will also ask your preferred time frame and budget for the project.

After an in-depth deliberation within the team, we will present a detailed and illustrated proposal for your event. It will also have a fully itemized budget, and we will be the ones to manage all third-party supplier contracts. This way, you will save time so you can focus on more important things.

Our team operates on the best practice standards, and we ensure efficient resource allocation. You can expect us to deliver quality products and services. Additionally, we will regularly communicate with you throughout the project, updating you about the progress.